Guesthouse 1×6 has 6 bedrooms, 3 on each level.

There is a separate entrance to each floor. One shared bathroom is on the first floor and two shared bathrooms are on the ground floor. A maximum of 3 rooms are sharing one bathroom.

Each guest room has its own unique design and detailing. The element of Water is the deciding factor to a large extent both in colour and imagery as well as the ever present, wood.

In 3 of the 6 bedrooms the guests find themselves viewing Iceland’s dynamic nature, as a wall-covering photograph. All of the images are the work of German, Iceland/UK/Singapore based photographer Thorsten Henn.

Artists in residence, Catalonian artist David Juarez Ollé and American artist Gillian Pokalo, have added incredible artwork in the house – always with their love for Iceland as a key force.

Have a look at the rooms!


1st Floor - Room 1
(double room with queen size bed)

1st Floor - Room 2
(double room with queen size bed)

1st Floor - Room 3
(twin room with 2 individual single beds)

1st Floor Bathroom


Downstairs bedrooms


Groundfloor - Room 4
(double room with queen size bed)

Groundfloor - Room 5
(triple room with 1 queen size bed and 1 individual single bed)

Groundfloor - Room 6
(twin room with 2 individual single beds)

Downstairs Bathroom

Every element of each bedroom has been custom built to harmoniously fit that space, with an emphasis on giving you, our guest comfort and an unforgettable experience. The materials of choice and a spontaneous easy shaping of idea towards form govern these designs.

The paintwork on the floors is done by Linda Stefansdóttir and draws its inspiration from Icelandic embroidery and knitting designs. Elements of local handicraft (including crochet by mothers) have been added to compliment the wood structures.