Blue Lagoon

we invite you to stay at our house by the sea

Blue Lagoon is only a 20 minutes drive by car from Guesthouse 1x6.

We are happy to organise your visit to the Blue Lagoon. Please note that you have to pre book tickets well in advance as they always sell out. We are happy to offer Blue Lagoon excusions at official rates.

They offer several categories. The rates below are reference rates to give you an example. If there is any discount on the day you wish to book, we will of course book the discounted rates.

- Comfort (Admission, rental of a towel, 1 drink) from approx. ISK 9.990 per person.
- Premium (Same as Comfort + 1 algae mask, bathrobes and slippers, reserved table at Lava restaurant, 1 glass of sparkling wine per person) from approx. ISK 12.990 per person.
- Luxury (Exklusive Lounge, private changing room, and all amenities of the premium package) from approx. ISK 53.000 per person.
You have to book a slot at a certain time. If you book for example at 11:00am, you have to present the voucher at the entrance between 11:00am and 12:00pm. Once you are in there, you can stay as long as you wish.
Booking conditions:
- Transportation cost is not included. If you don’t have a rental car, you will need to book a corresponding bus service at ISK 4.990 per person. There are only a few busses a day**.
- 100% prepayment at the time of booking - Please note that we will charge your order to your credit card.
- Cancellation / Modifications: 20% handling fee for cancellation / modifications until 24 hours prior booked time slot, 100% cancellation fees for changes within 24 hours before time slot.
** This is a schedule for the bus:07:30 (7:30am) or 08:30 (08:30am) or 11:30 (11:30am) Bus departure from the airport - we can drop you off at the airport bus station*
08:00 (8am) or 09:00 (9am) or 12:00 (noon) Admission to the Blue Lagoon
16:00 (4pm) or 18:00 (6pm) Bus departure from the Blue Lagoon to the airport - we can pick you up at the airport bus station
So in brief, the options are:
Comfort ticket ISK 9.990 + Transportation ISK 4.990 = ISK 14.980 = USD 150 per person
Premium ticket ISK 12.990 + Transportation ISK 4.990 = ISK 17.980 = USD 180 per person
Which ticket category is your choice and at what time / which day would you like to visit the Blue Lagoon?

If you wish to book the Premium tickets, what time would you like to have the table reservation for?

Please send us an e-mail ( if you wish to book this excursion.

Send us your request for your Blue Lagoon visit by E-Mail

If you wish to visit the Blue Lagoon by public transportation, please check the scheduled bus services as there are only a few busses per day:
Scheduled bus service

If you are coming from Reykjavik, take a bus to Blue Lagoon.  A luggage storage area is available next to the bus station. After your visit of the Blue Lagoon, take a bus to Keflavik airport, from where we will pick you up*.

If you are arriving in Iceland early morning, you can go to Blue Lagoon straight from the airport by bus. There is a luggage storage area available next to the Blue Lagoon bus station. After the bath, you pick up your luggage and take a bus to the airport, from where we can pick you up during regular check-in times*.

* Transfer guesthouse - airport or vice versa is ISK 3000 per way for a standard vehicle (6 seats).

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