Guesthouse 1 x 6 is positioned in the old cultural part of Keflavík (Reykjanesbær), overlooking the ocean and surrounded by the creative community and lava!

This accommodation is uniquely designed and run by local wood sculptor, Daníel son of Sigmund and offers the discerning traveller a rustic and truly original environment.

Attention to detail is paramount and the wellbeing of our guests ensured by the singular choice of building material, 1 x 6 is the measurement in inches of the timber used to create the unique interior.

In the garden you are invited to enjoy our one of a kind Thermal Bath.

Due to technical reasons, the hot bath in our garden is temporarily out of service until the end of june unless further announcement. We apologize for any inconvenience.

we invite you to stay at our house by the sea

Visit the Guesthouse by the Sea